Feedback submitted on July 08, 2013 04:26:51 :-

Feedback On:
Name: Savita

Of all the videos I liked the most is Q'n no:4 as I always surfed the web for an answer to this type of query which always popped up in my mind. Miracles have happened in my life & I am always thankful to God for all that he has given me till date.

I know that I have now come to the right place.

Place: Maharashtra, Inida


Feedback submitted on September 01, 2011 06:49:17:-

Feedback On: Website
Name: Gurpreet Singh

Your brief stories about different days were very good.Ganesh Chaturthi explanation with the way to worship Lord ganesha was also very nice.

Place: Delhi, Inida


Feedback submitted on August 02, 2011 10:42:46 :-

Feedback On: Website
Name: Savita Patil

Just amazing website..n also very decent..descriptive.. information we got from it...nice spiritual stories..i like this website very much...


Place: Maharashtra, Inida


Feedback submitted on June 12, 2011 14:32:10 :-

Feedback On: Jyotish Classes
Name: Mark

I find the classes and discourses on Jyotisha truly astounding! Coming from a 30+ years background in western astrology prepared me to only know that "I REALLY DID NOT KNOW" the power, depth and truth of astrology.

I sensed that there was (In the West) something more than the "astrology channel", that a deeper meaning and purpose was some how coded in the astrology message. The "Light" of Jyotisha was where I have discovered this "Truth and Treasure" in your astrological message.

Through your discourses on 'surrender' and 'not knowing' coupled with Jyotisha knowledge I have been able understand the breath of life (Prana), from past lives and currently, as shown in my astrological chart gives rise to truly knowing One's Soul. It is priceless for one to discover why one comes into this lifetime and the purpose they are here to fulfill; Jyotisha is the key to unlocking this treasure.

Another aspect of Jyotisha is Astrological Gemstones. Gemstones are a powerful tool to minimize past lives negative karma and enhance the enfoldment positive karma in our lives. This key is in our Jyotish astrological chart.

Guru Ji is a master in providing the correct Gemstone and the proper 'Shakti' for its activation. I have worn an Emerald and Blue Sapphire for almost two years. In that time I received a job (as I was not working when I received the Emerald, bought a Mercedes and moved to a new home. My 25 year old son received a Blue Sapphire, from Guru Ji eairler this year, and within two weeks got a $12K raise from his company. On the intangible side I have experienced calmness peace of mind in knowing that the Guru's Grace and Blessings always surround and protect me.

I have experienced great joy, immense inter peace and a purposeful exciting direction to God and Sava through your tireless and open hearted of giving this knowledge to us all.

In Deepest Gratitude, Humbleness and Love I surrender and serve at my Guru's feet.

Om Tat Sat Om

Om Ji,


Place: Irvine, USA


Feedback submitted on June 11, 2011 04:56:17 :-

Feedback On: Bhrigu Ashram Experience
Name: Kumar

Om Ji Bhrigu parivaar,

Charansparsh Guruji, Please forgive me if there is anything wrong in the email. Strange are Gods ways the he has introduced me to Guruji through our temple priest(Jagannada charyulu garu) in Denver in March of this year. He does all the ceremonies and pooja's at our home. I was having some or other problems for the past few years with no of peace of mind, restlessness etc and it got more intense after my wife lost her first pregnancy in second trimester last year. I happened to call our temple priest who was visiting California in March exactly at the time when he was in the ashram getting the Bhrigu Divine reading. He immediately asked Guruji to help us and introduced me to Guruji. Guruji took my birth details and asked me to call after couple of hours as he was busy with other devotees at that time. I was amazed in the way he told all the major events that occurred during the last 20 years including the exact years that they happened. He told me to wear a Red Coral ring and Yellow sapphire ring. Guruji got the rings made and slowly things are improving in my life and now I am much more calm and take things in proper perspective and does not get agitated. Earlier I used to get lot of negative thoughts and the guilt associated with it, but after meeting Guruji and listening to his Geeta discourses and Mini Pravachans, slowly the frame of mind changed and now it's much more calm. I still get few negative thoughts and I believe it all due to past karma, but they just go out of the my mind and dissipate very quickly.

Our trip to ashram was also very positive experience. Guruji has asked me to come to Ashram couple of times and I originally tried to come alone for annual meet on May 7th of this year. Guruji told me that both of us should come and eventually I booked the tickets for myself and Bindu(my wife) on May 21st of this year. When we got to the airport, we were very disappointed as flight was overbooked and both of us could not get seats and they told us that there was another flight later that afternoon to orange county. But since I was returning the same day evening, I was feeling bit sad that I may not get enough time to spend at Ashram. It is all blessing of Guruji and Bhrigu Maharshi Ji that there was another flight to LA exactly 10 minutes later and the next gate and we got two seats and that in the third row where you have that extended leg room. We finally landed in LA around 10:00 AM in the morning. I told Guruji that we will some how come to Ashram from LA and just about to get into the shuttle to orange county airport so that one of the devotees can came and pick us up. Again it is strange that just before getting into the shuttle called Guruji and he told me that some one is coming to LA airport to pick up up in the next few minutes. That special person was Mark Ji who came to LA airport and picked us up. I got his acquaintance and he was sharing some of his experiences with Guruji and Shri Bhrigu Maharshi ji. One more thing is with Bhrigu Maharshi ji's blessing, both of us also got a $200 credit as well because we were re-routed to LA and we can use it for our next trip. We arrived at the ashram around 11:30 and spent the rest of the day at the ashram. Guru Mata Dolma Ji, Kavita ji, Hetal Ji and her parents received us and engaged us all the day. All of them shared their divine experiences with Guruji like all other devotees who have been posting their experiences in the last few days. I feel blessed that some good Karma in in one of the past lives has helped me connect with Guruji. Whenever I have some doubts or any questions that come to my mind, I get the answers immediately in the form of Guruji Pravachan's or in the Geeta Discourse that is posted the following day.

I humbly bow and pray to Guriji, God and Bhrigu Maharshi ji to remove all the negativity and give me strength to completely surrender at the feet of Guru and God.

With Best Regards



Place: USA


Feedback submitted on June 10, 2011 03:39:17 :-

Feedback On: Bhrigu Ashram Experience
Name: Shweta Jain

Om Ji Bhrigu Parivaar,

Currently my history with Guruji is only 3-4 months, however it feels much, much longer. I first met him during his Minneapolis visit in March. Immediately I felt a strong connection.

Before I met him, I was curious about many things including the existence of god itself. The traditional way of praying and going to the temple was not in sync with my heart. I couldn't feel God within me. It was with Guruji that I felt the presence of God. I found my solace.He initiated me for Kriya and I got my contentment in Meditation as a path to God. Gradually my curiosity and restlessness are declining every day with the assistance of his satsang and daily messages.

At that time he also examined my kundli and explicitly and accurately pointed out my past. In addition he advised me in which line of business to pursue. This solved a major mystery for me as I have been wondering what to do for a long time. He also saw my husband's kundli and recommended for him to wear an emerald ring for good (which we received through Guruji). Surprisingly, through my husbands kundli Guruji was able to foretell some facts about his father and it had happened, the exact time frame and situation. Simply Amazing!

Praying for more surrender into the lotus feet of my Gurudev.

Om Tat Sat

Shweta Jain

Place: Minnesota,USA


Feedback submitted on March 15, 2011 03:39:17 :-

Feedback On:
Name: bageshwar jha

at a time when old values are being ignored and and the people in general are losing faith in the golden past lore,to read some authentic stories from the rich indian mythologies,appears highly solacing. thanks for the efforts. - bageshwar jha

Place: new delhi, india


Feedback submitted on February 23, 2011 22:53:47 :-

Feedback On:
Name: simmi Arora

the website is very good and informative. the articles on the site are really effective and are sure to have an impact on one's thinking and life. i felt contended reading some of the articles..

Place: haryana, india


Feedback submitted on February 15, 2011 00:20:00 :-

Feedback On:
Name: S Vidya

Many Thanks for this priceless information.


Place: Tamil nadu, India


Feedback submitted on December 07, 2009 16:59:51 :-

Feedback On:
Name: uma sivaramakrishnan

maha mritynjaya sloka was defined in a very simple and well understandable way.may your noble deed of imparting knowledge to gain welfare to the mankind continue for ever.

raadhe raadhe

Place:bangalore ,karnataka, India


Feedback submitted on September 07, 2009 12:28:54 :-

Feedback On:
Name: Meera

Hello Thanks for all the knowledge you have given in these site but still I would like to know in detail of fasting and a Special Ganesh pujas to do in the evening. and for how long one can do fast?

Please let me know ASAP .

Place:NJ, USA


Feedback submitted on September 03, 2009 11:31:12 :-

Feedback On:
Name: Roop

Hi sir,

Its fantastic explaination about jotish astrology..
i heard first time such clear explaination...

good one..


Place:maharashtra, india


Feedback submitted on August 11, 2009 17:23:18 :-

Feedback On:
Name: Keshav



I would like to know more about Jeeva Nadi readings as I did have many Nadi readings in the past but they are not as described in your article.

Jeeva Nadi readings appear to be very deep spiritually speaking and I would like to have such a reading if I'm destined to.

Please let me know if such readers still exist as they are impossible to find these days.




Feedback submitted on September 27, 2008 07:37:28 :-

Feedback On:
Name: Lipi

Feedback: Dear Sir,

It is a well-researched and enlightening piece. I have a question about the planets involved in forming the Kalpadruma Yoga. What happens if any one of them is combust?

I would be grateful for your views on the subject.

Thanks and regards,


Place:UP, India


Feedback submitted on September 02, 2008 11:15:23 :-

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Place: AP, INDIA


Feedback submitted on July 12, 2008 06:41 by indu.vishwanathan :-

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Name: Sindhu Padmakumar

Feedback: Ganapathi Baapas photos are really amazing

Place: Maharashtra, india


Feedback submitted on July 12, 2008 06:41 :- :-

Feedback On: Vargottama Planets

Name: M



I was very enlightened by  your article on the vargottama  planets.

I have a  retrograde + vargottama Jupiter in my chart but I was wondering why it has not given me its full benefits.

I  had a interrupted and below average  academic career, and have always faced hurdles and obstacles at every step.

After reading your article,  I did some research and  have come to know that my Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu thus creating a Chandal Yoga in 11 th house.

It is also jammed in with two other planets, Mars and Moon in the same house.

I was wondering if you could shed some more light on my chart please.

Many thanks  and all the blessings in the world.


Sydney, Australia


Feedback submitted on May 12, 2008 22:14:12 :-

Feedback On:

Name: Sushil


Well done!! and keep the tempo up.
The next generation needs your hard work for their better future.

Kind Regards



Place: NSW, Australia


Feedback submitted on April 24, 2008 03:57:16 :-

Feedback On:

Name: Chander Kant Parashar


Indeed a very good site,It gave me a kind of bliss. Maharishi Bhrigu's teachings ara spreading by you, It is a blessing of maharisi on you & on other human beings


Chanderkant Namrta Parashar

Place: Himachal Pradesh, India


Feedback submitted on March 31, 2008 23:31:46 by Anjali:-

Feedback On:
Name: Anjali


The images of Rishis are really beautiful.


Place: CA, USA


Feedback Form submitted on March 25, 2008 08:57:09 :-

Name: Karen White


Sanjay, I found your chart reading to be very helpful and it answers many questions for me about my spiritual path and practice. I am very grateful for your guidance and kind words.

I also enjoyed meeting your lovely wife and your sleeping baby girl :-) I will tell others about your excellent astrological service.

Thank you,


Place: CA, USA


Feedback submitted on February 26, 2008 01:49:58 :-

Feedback On:
Name:Shireesha Devraj


Hi Sanjay,

All the articles are really impressive, very informative and enlightening.


Feedback submitted on February 13, 2008 15:26:19 :-

Feedback On:
Name: Raj Konkimalla


Hi Sanjay,

I visited your website and was really impressed with all the content you have posted. Very informative and enlightening.

Please let me know how do I become a member? There is no link to register for new members.

Finally, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family last week end. Look forward for the Satsang on Sunday @10:00AM.

Best Regards.

OM Tat Sat.

Place: CA, USA


Feedback submitted by Neeraj Jain on January 30, 2008 at 22:10:21

Place: Delhi,India

Subject: Vargottama Planets( )

Feedback :

I really liked your article \'Vargottama\'. It is quite informative and elaborated. I would like to know more about the effects of planets when they are debilitated and exhalted I mean \"Ucch\" & \"Neech\"


Feedback submitted by Rekha on January 24, 2008 at 09:13:00

Place: Scotland,UK

Subject: Spiritual Stories ( )

Feedback :




Feedback submitted by SV GANESHAN on Tuesday, December 09, 2007 09:14:34

Place: Tamilnadu, Chennai / India

Subject: Photo Gallery ( )

Feedback :

I just had the opportunity to go round. It is simply amazing. Photos and articles - superb.
Now I will follow you site once in two / three days

with thanks




Feedback submitted by Santosh on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 12:38:43

Country : UK

State : Hampshire

Subject: A Tribute to Gurudeva( )

Feedback :

This article about breath and our life is awe-inspiring.i practice kriya but i was not doing abhyasa or selfstudy to realise the futility or purpose of life. The different vrithis in me become so over powering sometimes insearch of that peace but never get any peace. This knowledge alone can bring but i am powefully driven away from this material world if i follow this knowledge.



Feedback submitted by Revathi on Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 09:12:44

Country : USA

State : CA

Subject: The astrology article (

Feedback :


I read your excellent aritcle about Vedic Astrology. The most inspired point from your article is " The root cause of all problems is the Ego. What separates us from God is nothing but ego. It can be stated that Ego is the biggest badhaka (obstruction) to Moksha."

Do you have any article that talks about How to achive this resolution ??? .
All your collections are very interesting and motivating me to do lot of good stuff.

Great Work !!!





Feedback submitted on Monday, July 17, 2006 at 12:29:05

Name: Lora May-Gay

Country: USA

State: CA

City: Montclair

Subject: The_MahaMrityunjaya_Mantra

Feedback: Dear One, Thank you very much for conveying this wisdom to me. Because of my very recent stay in the Sivananda Ashram I was drawn to understand and to the proper recitation of this mantra for my own edification. I appreciate you conveying this information to me. I want to be able to practice reciting this mantra properly so my new Indian woman friend marked the places for me to place emphasis upon my direct request to her. I now know this is a life giving mantra and was able to test it out because of a certain incident on the train which we travelled. A man on a bicycle fell down on railroad tracks in front of our train. I practiced this mantra. Thank you



Feedback submitted on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 at 03:14:14

Name: Traci

Subject: Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Article

Feedback: Dear Sanjay~

I enjoyed your article on the Mahamrityunjaya mantra/12th house immensely. As always, your insights were profoundly deep and wove a web to connect different thoughts into a cohesive whole. I greatly appreciate your ability to present these ancient stories in a way that is relevant to our modern life through jyotish.

Please keep up this wonderful work!





Feedback submitted on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 23:08:47

Name: Manoj

Subject: Feedback on MahaMrityunjaya article

feedback: Hi Sanjay,

The article is very well written, quite enlighting. Read the whole thing in one go.

Thanks for sending the update.




Feedback submitted on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 22:03:07

Name: rakhi kakkar

Subject: Mayamrityunjaya Article

Feedback: Hi BHaiyia!! This article was very fascinating. It would be nice if u could spend some time in one of our classes and explain ur article more in depth. THe 12th house is alot deeper now that i have read this article. But i want to understand it better.


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