uru Ji Shri Sanjay Ji has a bachelors degree in electrical engineering  and a masters degree in computer engineering. He since then worked for a few companies in the telecommunication & investment trading sector in the United States. Later he founded his own software consulting company. His wife Gurumata Chandrima Ji has been a leading support to his spiritual life and has been the building block on which his spiritual life has progressed. She has constantly supported his ideals, his beliefs, his daily meditative practice and his goals. She continues to assist him selflessly by coordinating his weekly satsangas, meditation retreats and seva activities. He has two children Devang and Shreeya who add beautiful sparks of love and joy in the daily ashram activities.  

He went through a series of life transforming spiritual experiences post 2000 and was made to realize from his Guru, Sh. Maharishi Bhrigu, that it was all meant to be. Later the jeeva nadi sastras revealed many spiritual aspects of his past lives, deep spiritual connections with his Guru and scope of things to come in this life. The injected force from his Guru can be felt when one meets him and through his teachings.

He emphasizes on cosmic astrology, conducts regular satsangas and runs guided meditation sessions in southern California . He has also written a book 'Rashis in light of Kriya Yoga' which discusses the very basics of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) - the twelve rashis in the most fascinating, inspiring and never-before manner. The true understanding of What is Kriya Yoga? and What is Jyotisha? comes out beautifully through this book. One needs to read this book to understand and realize how the Light of Kriya Yoga comes out through each zodiac sign revealing some deep secrets of this esoteric spiritual practice. He has deep spiritual roots which are grounded in spirituality and vedic cosmic astrology.  He says that that all the good/bad influence of the stars and planets are in one's spine.  Through his teaching if one learns to revolve the divine current (prana) around the spine in each chakra , he says it will begin to remove the negative influences of stars and planets from the body.  In one breath , one can accomplish the meditation of 1 year. Yes, this is possible. He says that for a practicing raja yogi (royal yogi), a  traditional vedic astrological reading is useless because each day a raja yogi is changing his destiny. Traditional Astrology cannot remove the negative influences in your chart. At best, it can give you some advice to try and prepare you for what may come.

His Guru, Sh. Maharishi Bhrigu, asked him to do sthapana of Bhrigu Ashram ( ) in August 2006 with the aim of touching the depths and uplifting the individual souls in one and in all. This ashram was formally incorporated in the state of California in June 2007 as per the command &will of his Guru. In early 2006 he began to conduct raja yoga meditation sessions through the medium of audios/videos in a proper vedic parampara setting. These audios are meant to help the sadhak with their spiritual sadhana and help discover the source of brahman through the bliss of jyoti.

He always says that true Jyotish is that which shows the jyoti towards Ishwara. Jyoti means Light. Isha is from Ishana viz. God. Light is God. Love is Light. Love is God. So Jyotish means to 'Love God' with sincerity and devotion. After these very interesting and spiritually soaked vedic lectures, he gave lectures on Patanjali Yoga Sutras. His Srimad Bhagavad Gita satsangas are still continuing on a weekly basis. Apart from these, he has given a number of very enlightening and guiding satsangas which help the sadhaka to progress on the spiritual path. His aim has always been to selflessly give everyone for realizing the ultimate goal viz. god realization. Apart from his work, family and other necessary commitments, he has been very sincerely and selflessly giving through this vedic medium .

Guru Ji Sh. Sanjay Ji conducts Meditation Retreats all over US and India for all sincere spiritual aspirants. His meditative practice is based on the ancient esoteric kriya breathing techniques given in the Srimad Bhagvad Geeta. He strongly emphasizes and shows by example how to lead normal family duties towards ones spouse, children and parents and above all, emphasizing daily regular meditative practice. He shows by example as to how to lead this normal simplistic family lifestyle by being devoted to children/spouse and still be able to practice daily meditation.

His spiritual insights are very deep and may require more than one hearing to understand the depth of the messages conveyed by the Maharishi through him. If you need further information you may contact Bhrigu Ashram via email at .

Best Wishes,

OM Tat Sat

--Bhrigu Ashram Team



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