Our Guruji Shree Sanjay Aggarwal organized a meditation retreat From Dec. 21 st through Dec 25 th 2007 , in Temecula , California . Here are the experiences of some of the disciples who attended the retreat.


Name:Bala Dravida


"The Retreat" was really very intense and one of the best experiences in my lifetime. It felt like visiting my own family and sharing everything that GOD has bestowed upon mankind (Love, Affection, Brotherliness, Oneness…). A truly excellent Retreat with Guruji Shri Sanjay Aggarwal, Dolmaji, Devang, Shreeya, Krishnaji, Ulanda, Rakhi, Madhu Aunty & all the attendees.  

The first day was challenging and found me emotionally volatile. I was amazed to learn what silence dredged up. It is my guess that we spend hardly a minute in silence with ourselves at any point in the day without being consumed by something external, a to-do list. However, the first day was a period of detoxifying, in which I felt the transition from distraction and chaos to being wholly with myself for an extended period of time.  

Day 2 & 3, my meditation sessions were deepening. At one point in time, I fell into absorption so intense that I could no longer move. After the session, others filed quietly out of the meditation hall, but I was singularly unable to move…Ecstatic. The state in which the mind is clear, focused with extreme, but at the same time extra-ordinarily light, intense, and is akin to what everyone experienced as transcendent vision. It's overwhelming. And yet one cannot move, cannot escape it, but must rather just sit and bask in its full effulgence.  

The evening of 3rd day and the morning of 4th day were incredibly valuable to my experience. The physical, mental and emotional pain was experienced by me in varying degrees throughout the entire course. The essential insights became apparent to me at some point during the course, as I sincerely & faithfully followed the course design and the structure. When the course was through, my senses became very acute.  

I'm back at my house in New Jersey with my bills and attendant stresses, the usual quotidian. I'm, however, feeling a greater sense of equanimity. The regular turbulences aren't rocking the boat too much. I am sure this will continue to ebb, but at present, I am quite glad to know that these states and peaces are available to us. It encourages me to continue sitting in meditation every day.

I think Retreat is one of the greatest spurs to spiritual growth and realization. The secret of spiritual life is actually doing it; this means practice, not mere theory, belief, or membership. As Guruji Shri Sanjay Aggarwal says, the measure of success is your direct experience. Based on my own experiences, I feel that I will keep going back to the Retreat.  


Best Regards & Love,

Bala, Delna, Suneet & Gulnaaz


Name: Sonal


||Shree Gurubhyo Namah||

Dear Sanjaybhaiya,


My heartfelt gratitude for the cleansing experience we all had at the retreat! It was a unique opportunity and I am glad my father could join us all. Dolmaji was the silent guru in this retreat. She spoke with her eyes and with her actions. Without her love and selfless service, the retreat would not have possible. I fell in love with someone at this retreat : Baby Lakshmi - Baby Shreeya. She is Bhrigumuni's aashirwaad. We were indeed blessed. Rakhi and her family have been the messengers of love and service. Madhuaunty is a very gentle soul. Madhuaunty and Rakhi did not take any rest at all throughout those days. Lord Krishna sent his follower - 'K rishnaji' so that we could have a serene location for the ashram. A beautiful ashram removed from the mundane worries and routines. The meditation sessions stirred the depths of my soul. Tears flowed down my eyes as my chakras got cleansed. I could feel the divine wisdom flowing to me. The group chanting in sanskrit generated soothing, positive energy that could be felt all around. It calmed the senses and cleared the mind. Each of us could feel and see the divine light.

The satsang sessions answered many questions that I did not even ask. It was as if Bhaiya, you were reading our minds. The informal discussions brought us so much closer. I felt connected to one and all. Everything magically seemed to fall into place. Hard to believe that there were more than forty ashramites. It was divine guidance and excellent teamwork all along. There was so much harmony and brotherhood and so much unspoken love.

Thank you bhaiya, for lovingly holding our hands and leading us to the divine light.

Om Tat Sat.

Deepest Loving Regards,



Name: Anuradha Shastri

Feedback :

First of all, heart-felt thanks to Sanjayji for the opportunity to participate in this retreat. It was learning at all levels. I am fortunate and thank god for giving me the capacity to receive. . I learnt a LOT in terms of Dharma and how i can better support my husband and people around me.

I don't have a lot to explain the meditation sessions. Certain things need to be experienced by one. As the sessions were progressing, all of us could sense change for the better. At one point I felt total surrender, given that I am a person with a lot of ego and aham. I felt as if a lot of my impurities, worries got washed away. I felt my purpose of the retreat was defined which is to follow the words of the Guru. The sense of calmness that we all could perceive was a gift of the Guru and God.

I feel like a new person and can take on my life and accept what ever i get with the best intentions. If you think about, in an event like this, a lot of things can go wrong. The fact that NONE went wrong and went so seamlessly speaks for the grace of the Guru and God. I also feel that by the same token, we will have all the blessing in what it takes to follow the words and imbibe them into our daily lives.


With Love


Name: Shruti

Feedback :

On Dec. 21st my self and another member of the Bhrigu Pariwar drove from Bay Area to Temecula , CA . After driving for about 8-9 hours when we reached there, there was most loving and warm welcome.  

All my views and expectations of a traditional spiritual/meditation retreat started melting one by one and the heart started filling up with a sense of calmness and peace with each passing meditation session and satsanga.  

The single most profound message that Guruji gave us all not by preaching alone but by practice during the retreat is, there has to be balance in life. One doesn't have to leave the family, and worldly duties to realize God, but in fact one can very well be a part of sansar, perform all the worldly duties and still follow the path of spiritual practices taught by Guruji to realize God.

Each meditation session in presence of Guruji, guided by Guruji was a deep experience. The inner layers started unfolding, the stress and the burdens of the worldly life started melting. In spite of the pain and anxiety, thirst and hunger to realize God "now", each meditation sessions left me more peaceful, calm and lighter at heart.

Retreat was not only about meditation but it taught the very loving principle of Vaasudeva Kutumba. We all took turns to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, to clean up and other seva. This was a beautiful experience and just doing this brought a surge of love within.

I have come back a different person, the things of daily life affect me less and for shorter periods of time than before. My faith in my Guru and God is established. i realize that i have a long way to go but i know i am under the guidance of my Guru and that is very soothing.  

It is a must to attend a retreat once a year and rejuvenate spiritual energies in presence of Guruji. Guruji's words, guidance and care have given much needed direction to me in the time of need and despair. Even now when i sit down to meditate, my meditation starts with my Guruji's words ringing in my ears and guiding me...."spine straight, tongue rolled up, chin down, eye brows raised and attention at the God in every breath"  



Deepest Loving Regards,





Name: Amita Shukla

Feedback :

As many other parivar sadasyas,I also was eagerly looking forward to the retreat. This was the first retreat which I have attended in my life and look forward to many more. Guru/God answered my prayer in form of this retreat. I am very grateful to Guru Ji and Dolma Ji for organizing this retreat and letting me part of this.

I feel much more balanced, focused and calm after the retreat. Life seems to be more easier and simpler now. Thanks for your constant guidance and Love Guru Ji. Without your blessings, energy, support and love it is just not possible for me to stay steadfast on this path. 

Deepest Luving Regards

Aum Tat Sat



Name: Shalini

Feedback :

There is so much to say, but fall short of words to describe the amazing experience we all had at the retreat. As you all said already, it's once in life time experience I have been thinking for a long time now, but not got the answer yet......., what was the core of this retreat? There is a purpose which God has desired and implemented on us by giving us a direction in one path, to follow Sanjayji's advice and path. 

Dolmaji's sincere support and Kakkar family's efforts were the pillars of this retreat. And I also want to thank all the attendees, each one of you was so subtle and helpful. Everybody had left their ego and come to one ground and surrendered/ perform seva.

I am very sure this was not just an ordinary retreat, there is a deep rooted importance behind it, but this can be only revealed by Sanjayji. As he is the source of our spiritual energy. I could not believe my eyes for what I saw on the last day of retreat, tears just rolled out, could visualize an energetic power in Sanjayji, which he was bestowing on all of us in the form of blessings.

The same energy I could feel at his home/ Bhrigu ashram as well, it was amazing and unbelievable. That night we went to Kaali Maa temple also, there we saw the mingling of the religions, it was amazing, in true sense we could realize God is one. They were singing aarti of Jesus Christ in the temple, another breath taking experience.

Whatever happened in the retreat was unbelievable!!  





Name: Paromita

Feedback :


Dearest Sanjay Bhaiya and All:


Miss all of you very much after the retreat, and feel very much part of a loving spritual family. Just within three days, felt as if I have known all of you for such a long time.

Bhaiya, dont know what I ever did to deserve such guidance and Love from you but am so grateful for You and Your blessings everyday. I also remember bhaiya that you said the retreat was a once in a lifetime experience, and feel so humbled by Guru's blessings and grateful for being able to attend.



With love and surrender,



Name: Vinay Moturi

Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah,

Dear Sanjay Bhaiyya,

This event is one of the most memorable events in my life. My wife and kids also were very happy. I am blessed to be in the midst of so many Punya Atmas. Thats what i felt when i saw so many pious/spiritual and loving people at the retreat. Specially I was touched by Krishna Bhaisaheb's humbleness and hospitality. At several points during the retreat, i felt some tears filled with joy coming out of me... as if this was a vision that i was meant to see . I am honored and happy to be introduced to this parivaar by my friend Sunil. I pray to God, that i should be able to conquer my weakness and continue on this path till eternity.

Dolma Bhabhi was the best ... taking care of food, kids , arrangements etc. It was like we need not worry about food or kids or anything and just focus on what we came for. This could not have happened if we stayed in Hotels to attend the retreat. The 2 houses were GOD Given gifts. May God Bless Krishna Bhai Saheb & Family. May God Bless Rakhi and family. I cannot express lot of feelings that are going on in myself right now...I thank all the members of the group for letting me share my thoughts here.

Om Tat Sat.

Om Gurave Tat Sat.



Name: Kiran

Dear Sanjay Bhaiya,

The retreat was really a different experience for me. While we were returning from the retreat we felt that we are going to miss the place and everyone who was a part of the retreat. I am really happy that I have attended it and I want to thank my brother for introducing me to this group of loving people.

The kaali mantra that we chanted during meditation is still ringing in my mind. I might have said that mantra almost 100 times during the day yesterday just like humming your favorite song. I am blessed to have a guruji like you. Thanks for all the guidance and I will definitely stay in touch personally also.

With Best Regards

Kiran Moturi



Name: Mahesh

Dear Sanjay Bhaiyya:


This retreat was a great memorable event for me. I really appreciate it and am very thankful to everyone who attended directly and indirectly. As bhaiyya said earlier, it was a great divine play and now it really has changed my life. I find myself a calmer person. I thank Dolma bhabhi for all her affection and her subtle lesson on Dharma. I learnt a lot from her and I bow to her with deepest respect.

I am very grateful to Sanjay bhaiyya; I would rather not express it in words. I thank everyone who were sharing and helping to make this event happen. Krishnabhai, we all are very thankful to you for your generous offer for this event and hospitability. Divine love of brotherhood.

Thanks to all.



Name: Shankar

Respected Bhrigu Parivar,

By Guruji's grace we joined Bhrigu parivar and attended retreat. We live in Torrance and are blessed with two kids. During the course of retreat we met humble and down-to-earth persons. It is a blessing to be part of this parivar.

Om Tat Sat

Shankar Kulkarni


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