Our Guruji Shree Sanjay Aggarwal organized a meditation retreat From Oct. 10th through Oct 14th 2008 , in Joshua Tree , California . Here are the experiences of some of the disciples who attended the retreat.




Dearest Guruji,


Pranaam Guruji,

Past few days have been extremely peaceful and calming. They were full of spiritual energy and experiences and love and blessings from Guruji and Maharishi Bhrigu.

It feels very very fortunate to be able to meditate under the guidance of Guruji in person. Guruji poured his heart out in teaching us the meditation techniques, motivating us and answering all our queries and clearing all our doubts. He ceaselessly gave satsanga from which everyone benefited.

Dolmaji, Madhu aunty and Rakhi, one more time amazed all of us by their energy, eagerness to make our life comfortable and feed us with the most delicious satvik food.

Dolmaji was there in the kitchen tirelessly, taking care of minutest detail and Madhu aunty was ever smiling and working in the kitchen no matter what.

Rakhi's continuous trips to grocery store to make sure that no compromises are made due to lack of ingredients and taking care of kids with an ever smiling face is unforgettable.

Dolmaji, Madhu aunty and Rakhi are inspiration.

Raj Bhiaya was there to answer any question and making sure that we have all that we need in our rooms and in meditation hall and kitchen. He was always eager to help.

It was a true ashram experience with all the pariwar members helping each other and working together for everything, it is that energy that made food taste so well, days go by so fast and faces so happy and calm.

As much as i was eager to come home to my daughter it was hard to part from such a wonderful pariwar.

On my way back i savored the experiences all over again and enjoyed the moments that are so sweet and calming.

I am extremely fortunate to be under the guidance of Guruji and to be connected with all the members of the pariwar.

I have only one blessing to ask for and that is, " Guruji please bless me that i be able to meditate every single day, regularly with deep devotion love and faith"

i pray that i live upto my Guru's teachings and become worthy of my Guruji's grace....... .

Into the Lotus feet of my Gurudeva.... .....



Deepest Loving Regards,



Name: Sonal


||Om Shree Gurubhyo Namah||

Dear Sanjaybhaiya,

Pranaam aur Charansparsh!

It is the love and blessings of Maharishi Bhrigumuni that made this retreat happen. Many thanks to Guruji, Dolmaji, Madhuaunty, Raj, Rakhi and all the fellow ashram members who worked tirelessly and round the clock.

It is heartwarming to read the experiences of my fellow parivaar members; they help me re-live those cherished moments. I too would like to share the soothing, calming experience I had at the 2008 Maharishi Bhrigu Ashram retreat.

After a drive of more than four hours from Los Angeles, the tranquility at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center was most soothing. The retreat center was like an oasis in the desert. The pictures of the great Rishis in the meditation hall inspired and filled us with devotion. Meditating under the gaze of the gurus was a unique experience. During the meditation sessions, many of us actually saw those great rishis. There was peace within and peace without. The meditation and Satsanga sessions nourished our souls; the saatvik ashram food nourished our bodies and minds. One of the enduring images in my mind is that of the members of bhrigu parivaar eating together. My four-year-old son told me yesterday that he has a very big family...everyone he met at the retreat is his family.

The meditation technique taught to us is unique. It combines the finer aspects of Praanayam, Concentration and Relaxation. We are blessed to have received this great gift.

The meditation sessions helped us lose sense of time and space. Some of us saw images of God in the form of deities like Mahakali, Lord Krishna, Buddha and Lord Shiva. Some of us felt as if they were floating/flying in the air. Some of us saw a halo around the altar and a halo around our dear Guruji. At one of the meditation sessions, I saw a bright halo around our dear Guruji and a luminous Shiva within him. At yet another session, I saw a fountain of white light and rows and rows of diyas in the meditation hall. I feel blessed after having seen images of Shreenathji, Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath during the meditation sessions.

Many of us saw flashes of light. Guruji explained lovingly that God is Light and God is darkness too. He reveals himself in different forms to different people. So it is better not to compare our vision with someone else's vision.

These sessions filled our souls with peace. There were no thoughts...only a void...a void that was soothing and calming. We could feel the dissolving of the Self with the Supreme. The vibrations at the retreat center were most positive. This in turn led to positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive actions. The Satsanga sessions helped to open the windows of our minds and doors of our hearts. It would be so nice if we could have more than one retreat every year. I sincerely thank everyone who helped to make this retreat possible.

As Guruji has explained let the divine light and divine love flood the entire universe. May we all hear the 'Omkar'!

In the lotus feet of my Pujya Gurudev.

OM tat Sat.

Deepest loving regards,



Name: Meena Jethva

Feedback :

Dear All. 


I wish all of you are having a great day. I would like share some of my thoughts on this year's retreat.

I and my family feel very blessed that we all got to participate in the retreat. It was truly a magical experience for me. I and my family would like to express our thanks to Dolma, Madhu Aunty, and Rakhi for showing us all what selfless service really is. We would also like to thank everyone who helped tirelessly to help prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner; we would also like to thank Raj for all his efforts.

For my entire family, the retreat helped reinforce the spirituality within us and made us more conscious of it as there are more discussions taking place between me, my brother, and my sister. I will never forget one of informal discourses on Creation that Sanjay Bhai gave; I was completely blown away, speechless and in awe. I have heard these stories before but never ever in such a manner where Sanjay Bhai makes you go, "Oh my God....this is what this story really means..."

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you who attended the retreat, It was a pleasure meeting all of you; I would like to thank Sanjay bhai for showering us with so much wisdom, enlightenment, and giving us the best spiritual tools; and paving a gentle path for us to live and abide by. Now it is all up to us to really "apply" the tools which will help us become our best. I humbly down down and touch your feet.

Hari Om.



Name: Minnie

Feedback :

Namaste Bhaiya,  

I'd like to share my experiences at the retreat with everyone –

I was very apprehensive/ doubtful before the first retreat. Wasn’t sure if I should be going or not. By the last day, all that had changed and having found my Guru, I was very emotional. For the second retreat, there was no question about missing it. We had to go. Even the kids were so excited as they had a great time at the first retreat too. Says a lot about the Bhrigu Parivaar. Everyone is so loving and caring and helpful.

During the first retreat, I didn’t see any light. I’ve been trying to meditate at home for the last 10 months thanks to Bhaiya’s constant motivation and my husband Manoj’s support and inspiration (there have been gaps in between) and still didn’t see any light. But at the retreat, I definitely felt a lot of vibration and sound in the meditation hall and (I think) I saw some light. (Still not sure if I just imagined it). Meditation at home is definitely not the same. At the retreat, there was a sense of calm and peace within me. I had gone with a lot of questions but over there, none of them surfaced. Now that I am back, all my doubts and questions are coming back to me and I’ll be bothering Bhaiya with them. Listening to everyone’s experience about a lot of light, seeing halos, seeing rishis – earlier I used to feel dejected and worry about my past Karmas etc but not any more. As Bhaiya always tells us – practice, practice and practice. And that’s what I am trying to do. I thank God for whatever prasaad I get during meditation and move on. Meditation, I realize, is not just about seeing light or hearing sound. For me, its about stilling my thoughts and finding peace and love. Its about pulling out the weeds of negativity within me and generate divine love for one and all. I have a long way to go but Bhaiya’s satsanga keeps me going.

Having attended the retreat, I feel more established in the practice and at ease.. There is no question about whether I should be doing this or not – I just have to do this. I do strongly suggest to everyone to listen to the Gita Satsanga along with their meditation practice. The satsanga helps understand the significance of the meditation very well and motivates us to continue with the practice.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bhaiya for always patiently and tirelessly guiding us. Thanks also to Dolma for her selfless seva – you are a source of inspiration to me. Thanks are also due to Rakhi, Madhu Aunty and Raj. Finally, thank you to all of you for your love and affection and help – its very touching.


At thy feet…

Minnie .



Name: Chetana

Feedback :

Dear Guruji,


Coming to the retreat was like coming to the world of virtues.. Iwas exposed to the virtues like devotion, love, faith, obedience, discipline, trust towards guru who is the epitome of divinity. Meeting bhrigu members was  like giving form and figures to the names and thoughts, which they were sketched as in my mind. Likewise I am sure God is in and out there, its matter of re-treating mind and body to perceive it in its magnificent and splendor name and form.

Guruji if i can imbibe even one of the above virtues, I would get rid of the kleshas in the mind and body, and the dosh in my vision would be gone. There is so much to take in and grow but the mind and body needs more tilling and getting rid of weeds which is prevailing in abundance. Despite my ill failings you have given me the tools to uplift myself, the knowledge to value the tools given. I hope I develop strength and determination to stick to my sankalp and leave the rest to Guru and God. 

With love and affection to you and your family,

Om Tat Sat 




Name: Raj Konkimalla

Feedback :

Dear All,


I am still in the retreat hangover and would like to pen down my experience about this year's retreat. This was my first time to attend the retreat conducted by Bhrigu ashram. It was a unique experience as I was a participant as well as helped Guruji organize the retreat. I had a heard a lot about last year's retreat and was very eager to attend this one. The whole experience was really very relaxing and spiritually reinforcing. Being totally cut-off from the day to day mundane activities and being totally immersed into the disciplined schedule laid out by Guruji and being fortunate enough to attend all the meditation and Satsanga sessions was indeed a blissful experience. Also, meeting most of you folks in person was a very nice experience too. I truly feel very good to be a part of the Bhrigu Parivar. Thanks to Dolma Ji and Madhu Aunty who managed the kitchen so well and put the food on the table with such punctuality that everything seemed like an act of god. Also, everyone from the Parivar helping out with various tasks with seva bhavana made the whole organizing efforts so easy and manageable.

According to Lahiri Masaya one of the 5 guidelines of simple living is to leave the worldly duties and go to a retreat at least for 3 days (if not a month or a week) and enjoy the solitude. The experience at the retreat reinforces what Shri Lahiri Mahasaya said.

Best Regards.

Aum Tat Sat.




Name: Paromita

Feedback :

Dearest Sanjay Bhaiya and All:

Namaste and CharanSparsh.

Sharing my experience at the retreat with all of you below:

The first day of the retreat during the puja, felt a tremendous feeling of calmness and peace and felt spiritual energy all around me in the meditation room.

The next day during the morning meditation, felt strong vibrations all around my head and especially in my forehead area. It was a powerful throbbing sensation that felt especially in the third eye area. After meditating with bhaiya, felt my eyes were flooded with hazy white light and the throbbing feeling in my head continued. Felt extreme bliss and peace.

Unfortunately was not able to be at the retreat all four days once again but felt truly blessed to be able to go the first two days. My heart was still at the retreat after had left. Bhaiya, feel so blessed to be under Your guidance and only hope that can be worthy of Your grace.

It felt wonderful seeing everyone from the retreat last year once again and also meeting new people. Once again, feel like am part of a loving spiritual family.



With lots of love,




Name: KrishnaJee

Feedback :

I just want to submit my feelings about the meditation retreat 2008. At the outset i wish to mention that i feel that it is a great blessing of Maharishi Bhrigu that i could participate in the retreat.

The profound impact of the guided meditation is only to be experienced and difficult to describe. The participants have attended meditations and satsanga discourses so punctually and with devotion. The discourses have deep philosophical content and require deep thinking to understand.

Sri Sanjay ji has taken untiring efforts to elaborate and explain and taken keen interest that all are enlightened individually by clarifying the concepts. The historic venue has added serenity for the meditation.

I felt at home and a member of large Bhrigu family( from babies in arms to 70 year old) and with love and affection that prevailed among the members in the retreat period speaks enlightenment of all.

The efforts of some participants working as a team under the leadership and guidance of Mrs Dolma and Madhu aunty ji who gave variety and tasty food from breakfast to dinner and deserts is really commendable. The meticulous planning and preparation deserves all praise.

All participants are indebted for arrangements including the selection of the venue and efforts put by Sri Raj and others under the able guidance of Guruji.

I hope and seek the blessings of Maharishi Bhrigu to bless for giving the future meditation retreats. I may suggest in view of availability of all facilities that the same venue be selected for the future retreats if available.




Name: Rakhi Kakkar


Dearest All,


For days now I have attempted to write my feedback about the retreat. However, I would find it very frustrating and difficult to articulate my words as I realized that I do not have the right words which would capture the essence of the amount of peace and clarity of mind that was felt at the retreat. Three weeks have gone by since the retreat but the serenity still lingers on with me today. This only goes to show the power of spiritual energy.

On the first night during the Guru pooja, I could feel my head being massaged by the vibrations of Guru and Maharishis. This made my mind go blank and I felt as if something very heavy were lifted from within me.

Through out the retreat a lot of my experiences revolved around crows. While driving to the retreat I saw a random crow flying against the gusty 50 mph winds. The first thing that came to my mind was Guruji's words "a yogis energy flows in the upward direction unlike normal people's whose flows downwards." Later on in the retreat I had two visions of a crow, both at different times during meditation. The first time I saw a crow distinctly, I could only see the side of his face and it was as if he were looking at me from his right eye. The second time I saw a crow, I saw a magnificent crow and could hear it croak. On the last day when I walked out of the last meditation hall and looked up to see this crow circle around and croak once telling us of a beautiful ending.

Often times during the meditations there would be this floating sensation, or I would feel like I am getting taller. At one point I felt the presence of a person standing next to the gong. Almost as if he were watching all of us as we were meditating. I would also see some light coming and going. It is easy to say that "oh I saw this and I felt this" etc. but the truth is, it was Guruji that allowed me to experience all these wonderful things. So please excuse the use of "I" in my writing. Without him, his teachings, his blessings, etc. there would be no way to have felt so much peace in such a short amount of time.

I pay my humble regards to Guruji/Bhrigu Maharishi and pray that through his grace we all are given more opportunities as such to serve him and all the Maharishis. My humble regards to Dolma Bhabhi, who is a major driving force behind Bhrigu Ashram. She is surly the embodiment of love, devotion and sacrifice. Thank you Raj Bhaiya for all your efforts. This year's retreat made my desire to meditate even stronger. I thank God/Guru for inviting me to this retreat.

Into the Lotus Feet of Gurudev,


Lots of Love,




Name: Nivedita Aggarwal

Feedback :

Namaste Sanjayji and the fellow ashram members,

For me the Retreat at Joshua tree with the bhrigu parivaar was a very moving experience, as this was the first time i ever partook in meditation, let alone going to any retreat. For me this was a very spontaneous decision of coming to palm springs two days before the retreat, and may I add a very wise decision. I had no idea what to expect. But to my amazement, this retreat was a very peaceful and relaxing experience that I underwent. I had come with much restlessness in my mind, and I just wanted an abode for my mind to be tranquiled. I was very excited every morning and evening for the meditation sessions lead by Sanjayji, and yes I did not see any images of rishis, or gods and godesses, or any light like many others, but I found myself at peace, i found the tranquility and serenity I was seeking. I found myself more at ease. I also truly enjoyed the discourses on Geeta and creation, lead by Sanjayji. I never knew how each epic ties to one another and what is the true meaning behind many stories that we have heard before and how they tie to the philosophy of Hinduism. I know there is alot more that exists, but its nice to have some basic fundamentals which were beautifully laid out at these discourses.

I was also very humbled by seva bhav and genuinity that members had among them, especially when it came to preparing the meals, or just with each other. It was very well organized by Dolmaji & Madhu aunty, and rest of the members helping out in the kitchen. And much thanks to Rakhee who was always willing to go anywhere whether for grocery shopping, or going to the airport with me, or buying toys for the kids, or just helping out everyone. And Rajji who was another helpful member who made sure if everything was going as planned. Despite being away from my family, I did not feel that I was an outsider, yet was welcomed by the members as one of the member.

I know that in order to be truly healthy and wealthy, you have to be healthy from mind which brings physical health and thus prosperity, and if we apply the basics of meditation the way we were taught by Sanjayji, we could attain all our goals. The only main thing is discipline.

I truly enjoyed myself at this retreat, and look forward to many more. I won't know how it could be improved, as I found this one to be perfect.





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