Testimonial by Manu on Oct 3, 2013

OM Ji Guruji and Bhrigu Parivar

We humbly bow in your lotus feet. I met Guruji for the first time in 2009 when he had come to Ithaca, NY and that was the time when my husband Rishabh got initiated by him in Kriya Yoga. Before meeting him in person he had made few readings about me and Rishabh which turned out to be completely true. I had a lot of visa problems due to which I could not travel to USA. But he told us that you will easily get a visa with no hassles and I should say it was a miracle which came out true. My entire journey till getting a green card was very smooth by his immense guidance and support. Guruji had recommended me and Rishabh to wear stones which he sent me at the earliest possible and the results and changes I noticed in days were remarkable.
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Testimonial by Rajesh on Jun 7, 2013

OM Ji Guruji

Before I met Guruji, I was not into spirituality; I did not know the importance of Guru in one’s life. During my first Bhrigu naadi reading, it was said that there will be a "yogadaan" through me towards Shiva temple. At the time I did not think of it much. I did not have any close association with any Shiva temple. Couple of months later when I visited India, my parents had organized a pooja at a Shiva temple close to my place. I also found out that Shiva temple is our "Grama Devatha". The temple management personnel indicated that there will be a renovation of temple in couple of years and they would approach during that time and I agreed.
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Testimonial by Chaya on Aug 27, 2012

Om Shree Gurve Namah

Please forgive any mistakes and guide me further.

It has been one year since I connected with Guruji , Guruma, Bhrigu parivaar and Ahsram . It feels like I have always been part of it. Each and every time I go to ashram I come home inspired and feel like my thoughts are cleansed. Whenever I have faltered in meditation, Guruji gently brought me back on track and continues to inspire unconditionally. Blessed to be associated with ashram.

In the beginning , as my inclination towards ashram grew , at times, I held myself back, thinking I might not be able to devote time to family/kid if I get involved more . I was completely WRONG. As I got to know Guruji and Guruma more, I learnt and experienced that ashram life made the worldly life better.
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Testimonial by Paro on Aug 20, 2012



OM Ji Guruji and Bhrigu Parivaar,

Guruji, please forgive and guide if have written in error/misunderstood.
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Testimonial by Jyothi on Mar 27, 2013

Om Ji to everyone!

This is a testimonial that comes truly from the soul, a story of my husband’s and my journey to the Bhrigu Ashram.

We lived in New York for over 8 years and were both working in NYC. About a year and half ago, we both witnessed many obstacles in the form of many issues, health problems and so much more. There were many things that finally led us to leave USA and go back to India and then, to Canada.
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Testimonial by M on Mar 26, 2013

OM Ji,

I first met Guruji for an astrological consultation in May-2012. At that time, I was going through an extremely stressful period of my life, to put it mildly; Facing what seemed to be an insurmountable problem with dire consequences. The instant I saw Guruji for the first time, I felt an unexplainable connection to him.
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Testimonial by Auro on Aug 19th, 2012

Om Ji Guruji and Bhrigu Parivar,

Humbly bowing down at Guruji’s feet. Please forgive if there is error or misunderstanding.

In February 2012, Guruji asked for the two of us to begin the job search for jobs in southern California. Through Guru’s grace we were to be close to the Ashram! Began applying for jobs through Guruji’s guidance. Felt a tremendous amount of resistance, in the form of fear, which persisted for months. With a good job and residence already, maya came with the thought of "why leave?" Still, persisted with job search, even though nothing came for months, and wife Paro shared her experience along with others’ experiences to inspire to keep on trying.
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Testimonial by Swati on Aug 21st, 2012

Om Ji Guruji and Charansparsh,

Om Shree Bhriguve Namah,

Guruji I have written a testimonial before and this is the second time I am writing one. I have received so much through your grace Guruji and it always keeps coming.. However, this time, I want to write more about the real wealth that has been bestowed upon me since I have been under your guidance and blessings guruji.
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Testimonial by Sachin & Trushala on Apr 12th, 2012

We met GuruJi for the first time when they had come to NJ for their program at Bala's place in 2009. Bala had invited us and we went to his place. Guruji was in the midst of giving a discourse on Geeta. Something within me got drawn to him. I cannot expain what and how it was... Me and Trushala both had good jobs and were living a good life but I used to often feel something was amiss...

The next day we got initiated into Divya Kriya Yoga on Guruji's advice. After that we were back to our daily routine. I used do do Kriya on and off. The next few years whenever Guruji came to NJ we would go and meet him and seek his blessings.

In 2011 my wife, Trushala wanted to change her job but she was not getting any calls. On Guruji's advice she wore pukhraj gemstone. And within a couple of weeks she was suddenly flooded with job calls. Guruji advised her to take one of the job she got but she did not take it and instead took another one which she thought was better for her. Unfortunately her contract ended after 2 months.
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Testimonial by Chaya Kamath on Sep 23th, 2011


Couple of months prior to meeting Guruji I happened to read "Autobiography of a yogi". While reading the book I felt a very strong current inside me. It felt like my whole body was vibrating. That book sowed the seed of desire to get initiated into kriya yoga.
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Testimonial by Trushala Nerurkar on Sep 26th, 2011

Today I am writing these few words to deeply Thank You Sanjay Guruji for your accurate reading and the gemstone you recommended for me last year.

I will never forget the series of things you mentioned last September 2010 and I quote your words---

"Your Brother's marriage will go very smoothly in Nov 2010. You will experience a lot of happiness in Nov/Dec2010 with your family and life and your mother will also experience happiness and bliss after feb 2011"
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Testimonial by Jagan Pasumarthi on Sep 17th, 2011

My Pranams and Namaskar to all Bhriguvians,

Pranams to the Holy Feet of my Beloved Guruji...

I met Sri Guruji on 10th August, 2011 for the first time at Hyderabad. I was at Mrs. Shivani's place by 5.30 am and waiting for Guruji to arrive. Guruji arrived at around 6.10 am, the moment I saw him, the divine light, the aura was amazing. The first thought that came to my mind was aah......at last I have found my Guru. I have never seen a Guru before and always craved for spiritual guidance from a Guru. I am happy God himself has directed me to my Guru. The right Guru to take care of my life, advice me at the appropriate moment and help me in my pursuits.
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Testimonial by Adam Ahuja on June 17th, 2011

Om Ji,

I am happy to share experiences with Guru Ji and Bhrigu Ashram.

I am American, Catholic, my mother is from Pennsylvania and my father came to the US from India. I was blessed with a loving upbringing, including the normal ups and downs experienced growing up.
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Testimonial by Hetal Kharecha on June 9th, 2011

From the time the meditations have begun, there has been a marked change in the way my life has progressed. Meditation has distinctly allowed for much of the mental and emotional excesses to be pushed aside or dissolved. Through the meditative practice, so much becomes a direct positive gain while so many negative aspects of our perspectives simply have no room to exist. The meditation has also given me a much better focus in my thoughts and actions. Meditation offers a way for one to continue facing life's most difficult challenges without seeking outward aid from conventional means. It is one of the greatest gifts I have been given for ultimate calmness and peace of mind.
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Testimonial by Vinay Moturi on June 9th, 2011

Om Ji Sanjay Bhaiyya,

Om ji to all the Bhrigu parivar,

I was connected with Sanjayji in 2007 through Astrology. At that time , i was in between jobs and waiting for a Govt. contract job. Sanjayji asked me to wear Red Ruby and i wore it and the contract came through very quickly.
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Testimonial by Vinay Moturi on Apr 25th, 2012

OM Ji Guruji and Bhrigu Parivaar,

Guruji made some predictions to me when i consulted him about my birth chart last year in 2011. These predictions, i wrote down on a piece of paper on 2nd May2011. And now i am writing after the predictions came correct to the date a year after.

Guruji said i will hear positive news financially on 8-May-2011 (6 days after he made the predictions in 2011) .. i know what anybody thinks when they hear something like this.
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Testimonial by Shivani Gulati on June 19th, 2011

OM Ji Guruji and Bhrigu Parivaar,

I met Guru Ji while I was living in NY and was visiting a close friend of mine (Rakhi) in Irvine. Rakhi had a meditation/satsang at her home. There were a few other mutual friends present. After the satsang, Guru Ji, met all of us individually to look at our charts and help us with any problems I had. We were all waiting for our turn and I was the last one and when Guru Ji realized that I was the last - He said "Shivani ko Kaise Bhool sakte hai - Shiv ki Vani" I had barely met Guru Ji and had already felt His warmth. A few days Rakhi and I were at Bhrigu Ashram and Guru Ji's instant comment was "I knew you would come." I felt such a strong vibe and love that I remember telling Rakhi after that there is some aura about being around Guru Ji - I was overwhelmed with tears - Just couldnt stop crying. It was a " I am home" type of feeling!

I just finished listening to the "Pariksha" audio - where Guru Ji explains that "Extreme Surrender is required and surrender is not said in words - It is in practise and easier said than done."
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Testimonial by Swati Jain on June 19th, 2011

Dear All

Om Ji,

I came in contact with Guruji in the year 2003 through the medium of Jyotisha. I had done a course in astrology and was fascinated by the subject. At that time, I joined this astrology group on Yahoo towards the end of Year 2003 so that I could discuss and learn more from other people. Guruji was there on that group. Lots of people used to ask questions everyday and I remember that Guruji would easily respond to 70-80 people each day with their astrological queries and the analysis would be very deep always starting with the correction of their birth data first! Guruji was like all of us in terms of the family responsibilities, job etc and I was completely amazed at the amount of time he was able to invest in this and the service he was doing to everyone! People were benefitted enormously and we all used to feel so much respect and gratitude towards Guruji.
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Testimonial by J. Anthony Riedelsheimer on June 4th, 2011

After going to the ashram, my whole life in terms of situations and occurrences that used to trouble me are much less. I've been searching for something my whole life that would allow me to be in that peaceful state of mind constantly. Books, medication or a psychologist would not have been able to put me at ease on such an elevated level. This impacts to the core, every cell of your being feels it. That's what makes the experience incomparable to any other.
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Testimonial by Minnie Malhotra on June 4th, 2011

Guru Govind Dono Khade Kaake Lagoon Paaye Balihari Guru Aapne, Govind Diyo Milaye.

If My Guru and God himself were to stand in front of me, to whom should I bow first? I choose you my Guru Ji because If you hadn't been there I would have never known what God is.
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Testimonial by Kishor Kharecha on June 4th, 2011

After a long wait, all 4 of our family members were initiated into the Geet Divya Kriya Yog on the July 4, 2009 at Ithaca, New York retreat by our Guruji Sh. Sanjayji. We all felt the blessings of Shree Maharishi Bhriguji thru him.
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Testimonial by Linda Purdy on May 14th, 2011

OM Ji ,

I originally came to the Bhrigu Ashram to have my astrological chart done because we have little access to Vedic Astrology in Orange County. I am from the Catholic faith tradition, yet I believe that Joytish is divine and a gift from God. In contemporary Western astrology I have felt a certain commercialism and a lack of God awareness.

I was connected with Sanjayji in 2007 through Astrology. At that time , i was in between jobs and waiting for a Govt. contract job. Sanjayji asked me to wear Red Ruby and i wore it and the contract came through very quickly.
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Testimonial by Param on June 9th, 2011

Om Guruji Om Shree Bhriguve Namha Om Shree Baba Ji Namha and Omji to whole Bhrigu Parivaar. It all started in march of 2009 when I entered the Bhrigu Ji Ashram and met Guruji for the first time. I came with my mother. At that time I had very minimum feelings because my mother had already taken me to multiple places so this was like another one I thought so but this time I was wrong. My history has lasted almost 15+ years in all the wrong actions which were not only wrong in society but also in Gods way.

I got initiated into Kriya same year. All I know is it has to be my Gurujis Kripa and his love that kept bringing me back to his Lotus feet. Guruji and Gurumataji have never let me leave the Ashram hungry. Guruji and some of the Bhriguji Parivaar devotees know what problems I had if some who don't can call Guruji and he can tell. Guruji the path and love you have given me I can never express in words. After the initiation Guruji told me to do Kriya with love and devotion to God and masters .
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Testimonial by Pradeep on June 11th, 2011

Hi ,

Here is my experience , initially before meeting guruji, i used to be in full of tension, and emotional, i used to react seriously for every action that come forward to me...when i met guruji, first time i was completely confused state.
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Testimonial by Bala Dravida on June 11th, 2011



I would like to share with you a brief summary of how my life has changed for the better after finding my Guru. Let me start from the beginning. I was a simple person, getting up everyday doing my daily routine, living pay check to pay check and trying to do my duties for my family. I was living my life worrying of what tomorrow will bring along my way. My life was happy on the outside but burning up inside with a sense of emptiness. I was going through a very difficult phase in my life. On August 12th 2007 my brother introduced me to my Guru Shri Sanjay Aggarwal. I joined a conference call and Guruji asked me for my birth details. After an extensive conversation, Sanjayji said that I would get some good news within 9 days and he asked me to chant a mantra. On August 19th 2007, I received a job offer that was a turning point in my career.
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Testimonial by Vijay Saradhi on Dec 5th, 2010

OM Ji, Pranams and Charansparsh to Guruji,

and OM Ji & Pranams to everyone in Bhrigu Darbar,

2010 Annual Bhrigu West Coast Retreat has been a life changing experience for us. For the last few years, we were experiencing a void somewhere deep down in our hearts and minds, I remember several occasions where myself and Sushma would keep discussing till late in the night as to why we are in USA and why we are doing what we were doing in life. Inspite of having job, family, house, happiness, etc., there was no satisfaction and we would feel something is missing in life. We attempted to do several things like running a business, buying a house, traveling etc., and the void was still present. I used to take up extremely challenging projects in order to immerse myself into work and get the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile, though this path was giving me satisfaction, but I knew the void is still there and moreover Sushma was being left behind, and the corporate environment would again lead me to think that it is not worth while to try achieving satisfaction by doing challenging projects as it did not seem to matter in the overall scheme of things and did not seem to be the true purpose of life.
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Testimonial by Paromita on June 10th, 2011

Om Ji Guruji,

Humbly bowing down at Thy feet. Please forgive and guide if have written in error.

Last year, the end of 2010, was a very stressful and tumultuous year for myself. Had a lot of tension in relationship between parents and had a break in a relationship. Came to the ashram in tears. Guruji recommended to wear the pukraj. At the time, it was difficult to get the pukraj immediately, so Guruji recommended wearing the meena for the time being. As soon as wore the meena, felt a sense of calm and peace. There was less anxiety and felt less emotional as well. After some time, through divine grace, wore the pukraj and immediately after wearing there were several changes that took place amongst my relationships; the tension between parents was gone and things started getting a lot better. There was more harmony, and the conflict that existed before was gone. After wearing the meena through the grace of Guru, also connected with my to be husband. After wearing the pukraj, things about my marriage started coming to play
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Testimonial by Kishor Kharecha on June 4th, 2011 - Astrological Experience

When 25 years of hard worked successful business was falling apart, many inner signs and external advices led me towards ASTROLOGY. So many top astrologers were consulted in India and the USA. They pretty much described the charts, dashas and the remedies which did not help my deteriorating situation at all.
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Testimonial by Kulu on October 2nd, 2011

The following is my humble and sincere effort to narrate and reflect on some of the astounding experiences that I have recently experienced over the last few months but have not yet been able to logically understand them.

In April 2011, I was introduced to Shree Sanjay Aggarwal thru a personal friend, who had then in turn, further apprised me about the philosophies and practices of Shree Maharishi Bhriguji Maharaj and the teachings of Geeta. Ever since then, various incidents of strange nature have been evolving around me and I truly cannot say that I understand much of it.
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Testimonial by Kavita Kharecha on June 13th, 2011

Om Ji Bhrigu Parivar,

Sorry for the length! Here is a description of a fraction of some experiences with Gurudev and Guru Mata :)

Initially had met with Guruji through my father, as they had both played cricket together on the east coast! Through this connection, my mother, father, sister and i connected spiritually to Guruji, being initiated to Geeta Divya Kriya Yoga on July 4, 2009.
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Testimonial by Amarpreet on October 30th, 2011

Om Ji,

I am thrilled to share my experience with Sanjay Ji. Both myself and my husband met Guruji late 2009 upon request from one of our dear friend Balaji. When I met him I was quite hesitant. I sat in the satsang at our friend's house and it really felt very good and peaceful. Guruji's satsangas always bring lots of peace within.
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Testimonial by Kumar & Bindu on Mar 10th, 2012

Om Ji Guruji and Om Ji All,

We were introduced to Guruji through our temple priest who himself was at the Bhrigu Ashram at that time. We were going through some rough time at that time as my wife lost her pregnancy. Guruji took our birth details and asked us to call with in couple of hours as he was busy with other devotees at that time.
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